Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A positive-sounding story: "Battery Brothers" make a 100 MPG hybrid car

CNN this morning (April 29) reported on the “Ewert Brothers” (or the “Battery Brothers”) (from Wheaton IL, named Chris and Andrew Ewert) who may become as famous as the Jonas Brothers (if slightly older), for inventing a 100 MPG plug-in hybrid prototype car (out of a Toyota Prius), which they use for family transportation.

Their website is PlugIn Project and a typical news story is on CBS2 in Chicago by Dana Kozlov, “Brothers team up to create 100 MPG car; motorists looking for fuel-efficient options as gas prices surge,” link here.

So far they haven’t tried to sell this to big auto, although I would think this would change. Right off the cuff, I am reminded of Cameron Johnson’s book “You Call the Shots” (review here) and a section late in the book where he talks about managing the sales force in his father’s dealership. Maybe there is synergy here; and maybe, like Cameron, the Ewerts will wind up on Oprah soon (Chicago is not too far away for them).

The DuPage County Forest Preserve says it can run its vehicles on natural gas for about $1 per gallon equivalent.

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