Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hydrogen-powered car makes grand tour, with help of fossil fuels

A tour with a hydrogen-powered car will visit 31 states and 18 cities, starting in Portland, Maine, perhaps in Stephen King country. There are only 62 service stations nation wide with hydrogen fuel so far. The car is the Honda FCX Clarity, which is leased (not sold), pretty much as “proof of concept.” 26 of the H-2 stations are in California, and ten more are planned. Therefore, the tour will require portable fueling stations, powered by ordinary gasoline or fossil fuels, to accompany the car. That’s always the catch-22 with bootstrapping an experiment like this.

The ABC News story is by Chuck Squatriglia, and is titled, “Hydrogen Cars Go Cross-Country, with Help From Fossil Fuels,” link here.

The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a significant player in the event.

Hydrogen is “merely” the most common element in the Universe. Jupiter has plenty of it in compressed liquid and even metallic form.

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