Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More US women are still childless in their 40s

The United States Census Bureau has released a report “Fertility of American Women: 2006: Population Characteristics ,” with a link here (pdf). This study was collected by the American Community Survey. The percentage of women 40-44 who are childless (20%) is twice as high as it was in 1976, 30 years ago, at 10%. Women 40-44 end childbearing with a fertility rate of 1.9%, less than replacement rate, although for Hispanic women it is 2.3%. AOL released the AP report (link) ) with an additional survey in which 28% of adults answering say they have had no children.

As a whole, the United States seems to be just about at replacement rate on its population, compared to many European countries and Japan, which are sometimes well below. However, demographic trends suggest that in many populations fewer births may occur even within the United States.

Lower populations in some communities could mean fewer jobs for teachers and discouragement to enter teaching, even though overall the need is great. More childlessness could also mean more of certain health problems for women.

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