Monday, September 15, 2008

ING (insurance giant) awards grants for innovative teachers

On a day that financial services companies are taking a hammering because of the blood bath on Wall Street Sunday night (previous post), I note that ING, the company from which I retired, has an awards program for teachers called “Unsung Heroes.”

Yahoo’s listings for the company provide a link “ING Awards Over $240000 to Innovative Educators Across the United States: Los Alamitos Educator Receives $27,000 as the ING Unsung Heroes(R) Awards Program Grand Prize Winner”, link here on Yahoo! Curiously, I did not find this press release on the ing-usa website. However I did find the “Unsung heroes” link here.

One of the awards went to a California high school for its “LifeWorks Studio.” This program included at least two major components. One was a business that makes and distributes professional DVD’s of school plays and concerts or other events. Another related project concerned a relationship between the school and a nearby hospice to produce a film about people near the ends of their lives.

I wrote a story about ING and diversity on my GLBT blog on Dec. 21, 2007, here.

Also, a grim warning from NYU about the "solvency" of the FDIC itself today:

Also, today NYU (Stern School and RGE Monitor) Economist Nicholas Roubini warned that Congress needs to act to recapitalize the FDIC. There is a slow run on retail banks, and even conventional insurance of up to $100000 per account may be insufficient if $1 trillion is at risk and only $50 billion are in the fund. The story is on Yahoo!’s tech ticker with this link Sept 15.

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