Sunday, January 04, 2009

American Clean Skies Foundation calls for natural gas development

Today ABC news on Sunday morning introduced the website and network news channel “” which has a very elaborate website if you visit it. It calls itself “America’s Clean Skies Network” (curiously, the HTML code doesn’t have a title). Margaret Ryan is executive director and Denise Rose appeared on ABC. Randall Swisher from the American Wind Energy Association also appeared. The network runs an “energy news center” on weekdays at 9 AM until 4:30 PM.

CleanSkies is sponsored by the American Clean Skies Foundation which actually offers a sister website that is easier to use.
The organization supports the development of natural gas and maintains that it clean and sustainably available in the United States. That comports with the Pickens Plan, previously discussed on this blog. Pickens got back on the air Jan 5 2009 to promote his plan again after NBC Nightly News, and added "Yes we can".

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