Monday, January 26, 2009

National Building Museum sponsors "Green Community" exhibit

The National Building Museum, at Judiciary Square in Washington DC, is holding a year long “Green Community” exhibition in an alcove on the second floor. The display runs from Oct. 2008 to Oct. 2009.

The exhibition comprises a number of stations showing aerial photos of several cities, along with videos and photos of renewable energy projects in these cities. The most interesting may be Greensburg KS, which, in rebuilding from the tornado, is putting in wind turbines. The aerial photo showed miles of farmland, divided into mile squares, with the town in the middle.

The museum does not allow photography of indoor exhibits. You can see something similar by going to Google, then to maps, entering “Greensburg KS” and then to “satellite”. The museum’s article on Greensburg is here.

There were similar stations for areas like Savannah GA, London, Santa Monica CA, Muskegon Heights MI, and New York City.

The Museum will sponsor a roundtable, “For the Greener Good: Sustainability Roundtable” on Tuesday Jan. 27 2008, link here.

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