Friday, January 09, 2009

Obama campaign organizes massive volunteer drive; KIPP schools speak out on education

On Friday, January 9, WJLA and NBC Washington reported on a new push for volunteer service using Barack Obama’s campaign organization. It is called “Renew America Together” with the domain name USAService (link).

Colin Powell was shown as encouraging every American as expected to become involved. On the surface, this sounded like a call for national socialization. The program is supposed to start Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 19, one day before the Inauguration. The website offers a map with entry of zipcode and coordinate volunteer activities within a specified number of miles of the zipcode. They tend to be things like food collection drives. They don’t seem to be really specialized. I can imagine, and will start looking at ideas like chess clubs for inner city children.

In the 1990s I volunteered with a meals on wheels service then related to AIDS (now more inclusive) Food and Friends, here.

Today, the founders of the Knowledge Is Power Program, KIPP – Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin, have an op-ed, on p A17 of The Washington Post, “What ‘Yes, We Can’ Should Mean For Your Schools”, link here.

They list five general points, which would aim toward much more national standards of performance and teacher quality. The KIPP school program is incredibly demanding of the teachers that its schools hire. Check the invitation and see what is involved.

In the meantime, the news media report over 7% unemployment, officially. And we did this to ourselves. We didn’t have to.

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