Monday, February 09, 2009

DC School Chancellor Michelle Rhee gives her side of the crackdown on weak teachers

District of Columbia school chancellor Michelle Rhee has an op-ed on page A17 of The Washington Post today, Monday, February 10. She titles it “Teaching, the Toughest Job”, link here.

Rhee is giving her side of the story over the criticism of her handling of ineffective teachers. She says that no teacher is forced to give up tenure, and that she will protect teachers from arbitrary firings. She will reimburse teachers for out of pocket expenses for supplies, often a subject of the sacrifices of teaching in many districts

She is critical of a few teachers who abused absence policies, or who were lazy in the classroom, reading the paper while allowing discipline issues to fester, say during individual classwork exercises. That can be a problem with subs – they are often given worksheets to hand out to keep students busy (or tests) and then ignore students who don’t do they work. I probably was guilty of that, sometimes.

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