Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fathers should have their kids when they are younger, too; (it's not just about moms)

Lisa Belkin has an important story in New York Magazine, “Your Old Man” in “The Way We Live Now” series, that documents an Australian study showing that was men get older, they have more trouble conceiving and their children are more likely to have various neurological problems. These include lower IQ, autism, and schizophrenia.

There has already been a lot of work suggesting that the biological clock runs out quickly on women. But now it seems true for men, too. "Sperm germs" (as my father called them) tend to deteriorate. (My father was Jack Benny's 39 when I was conceived.)

The link is here. The story was featured on AOL today.

Cheryl Wetzstein had a column in the Sunday Read in the April 5 Washington Times, “Preemies struggle to become parents”, about a study in Norway. Her article closes with a quote of a certain Dr. Youngkin from the Fertility Center in Austin, TX. “Get good medical care and have babies early in life. Don't put it off.”

Update: April 13, 2009

On p A3 of the Washington Post, Rob Stein reports "A Possible Step Toward Setting the Biological Clock: Chinese Report Ability to Grow New Eggs in Female Mice", link here. The experiment challenges the idea that female mammals (including humans) are born with all the ova they will ever have, and could mean that fertility could be extended. The report will appear soon in Nature Cell Biology (apparently not online yet; will require subscription).

Update: April 27, 2009

Check this story by Vanessa Richmond from The Tyee, on Alternet, "Note to Nervous Would-Be Dads: Having Kids Doesn't Look 'Gay'", link here.

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