Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Local communities start to print "monopoly money"

I once wrote a draft for a novel about a post-nuke America where people find monopoly games and start using the Monopoly money as legal tender.

Smart Money ran an article (here, from MSN) yesterday (Feb. 15, 2010) about towns printing their own money, with the link here. Apparently it’s legal as long as the money doesn’t look too much like US money. It would seem you would have to convert it somehow, just as you do when you travel abroad. The long title of the article is "Struggling towns printing their own cash; In an echo of the Great Depression, local currencies with their own special flavors are popping up all over in attempts to give commerce and communities a lift."

Second Life has its own money, the Linden Dollar. I guess Middle Earth would, as would Pandora.

It’s common for street festivals (especially gay pride festivals) to sell tickets as “script” or local “currency” among all the booths, as a local security measure.

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Anonymous said...

Local money has been in use, on and off, for a long time and in many different locations. Here's an article I wrote about local money in Takoma Park in the mid-1990s: