Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drill, baby drill! Obama listens to Sarah Palin, perhaps (only on SNL, though)

President Obama opened a large area off the East Coast (centered more or less alongside tidewater Virginia) out to the continental shelf open to oil drilling today. The MSNBC story, highlighting reduction of dependence on foreign oil, is here.  Included also is a small Gulf region off the West Coast of Florida.

It’s uncertain how much production will result, but conceivably the long-term economic “sustainability” benefits to the US trade deficit could be large. Of course, there is the question of carbon use.

Here’s an NBC Nightly News video, oddly in 2.35:1 movie format.

ExoonMobil has an editorial from February, written during the snowicane, “The Road to 2030”, link here

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