Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Minnesota conservative group argues for alternative teacher certification opportunities

Mitch Pearlstein, Founder and President of the “Center of the American Experiment” in Minneapolis has an interesting paper “Alternative Teacher Certification”, PDF document here.

I visited a number of the group’s functions in the 2001-2003 period, including a luncheon with John Stossel as guest speaker.

I looked into teaching while I was still in Minneapolis, in 2003, and found the licensure procedure rather lengthy and expensive, as I recall. Virginia’s is shorter. There are bills in the Minnesota legislature to make it easier for workers with expertise in other fields to get licenses, and not surprisingly teacher’s unions oppose it.

As I recall, Minnesota did not allow unlicensed substitutes either; VA does.

I’ve discussed the alternative licensure problem twice on my “BillBoushka” blog (navigate through Profile), on Aug. 22, 2008 (in response to a Washington Times editorial then expressing similar ideas, to which I wrote an LTE which was published) and recently on March 13, 2010.

Update: Mar 19

Check out Chris Myers Asch, "ASCH: Turning students into widgets: Great teachers are no guarantee of classroom success", p B4, Opinion, "School Achievement," The Washington Times, Mar 19, link here. Asch teaches as UDC and coordinates its National Council for Urban Education. He has advocated a public service academy in the past.

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