Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weather men, who study computer models for about a week out, not so sure on global warming as are "climatologists"

Thomas Lin has an interesting article in the New York Times on May 30 to the effect that meteorologists are sometimes skeptical of the notion of climate change, when compared to the attitude of climatologists. The article is “Weather forecasters on global warming” with link here

Meteorologists can predict the formation and ferocity of future storms several days out, which enabled them to predict the severity of at least three major East Coast blizzards in February this year before the coastal lows had even formed. On the last storm, the “snowicane” and wind storm further south, they predicted the “loop-the-loop” path.

But some meteorologists are skeptical of the claims of global warming. WJLA meteorologist Doug Hill told an audience at Wakefield High School in Arlington VA in December 2008 that some of this was the stuff of politics, not science – despite the compelling case made by Al Gore in his film (“An Inconvenient Truth”) and books.

The Washington Times echoed this story today with an article by Jennifer Harper, “Forecasters at odd about warming threat: more than 25 percent polled say threat is a ‘scam’”, link here

Wikipedia attribution link for NASA picture of Second North American Blizzard of 2010

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