Saturday, April 03, 2010

Obama administration orders coal industry to cut back on mountaintop removal

On Friday, April 2, the Washington Post, on p A4, ran a story by David A. Fahrenthold, reporting that the Obama administration has promulgated new environmental guidelines that will scale back the practice of mountaintop removal, a destructive form of strip mining practiced especially in southern West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. The link is here.  The story title is “Environmental regulations aim to curtail mountaintop mining.”

Specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that most valley fills will be stopped. Most valleys have streams that would be polluted to a now legally unacceptable leve.

The Post story has illustrations that show that reclamation efforts can actually flatten the landscape even further.

The news release from the EPA is here. The title of the press release is "EPA Issues Comprehensive Guidance to Protect Appalachian Communities From Harmful Environmental Impacts of Mountaintop Mining".

Recently, I’ve reviewed the films “Coal Country” and “Burning the Future” on my movie reviews blog; check the “coal issues” label there.

Picture: Reclaimed strip mine along Highway 93 near Mt. Storm, W. Va.

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