Sunday, April 04, 2010

Utah group quibbles on the words "democracy" vs. "constitutional republic"

Here’s a weird one from Mormon country: some parents in the Alpine School District in Utah County are protesting an announced school curriculum mission statement with the D-word, “democracy”, namely “Educating all students to ensure the future of our democracy”.

But “Utah’s Republic: A Constitutional Right” says that our nation is a “constitutional republic”, not a democracy, and that the term “democracy” implies migration to government-run socialism. Families and communities should take care of their own, in this thinking.

The story by Rosemary Winters in the Salt Lake Tribune is here and it was printed today(April 4) in the “conservative” Washington Examiner on p 30.

Utah’s Republic (link ) has a webpage that explains its version of terminology “democracy” v “constitutional republic”, viz “What is a Republic? Is it a government based on law and elected representatives that examine issues and vote on our behalf. Supreme power resides in the citizens to vote in their representatives.

“What is a Democracy? A Democracy is a form of government where everyone gets a voice on every issue and it always ends in mob rule. A true Democracy only works on a small scale. It is unreasonable to have every citizen vote on every issue, and where this has been practiced in the past, it always destroys the peace of the people.”

It’s interesting that the previous Bush administration tried to sell the idea of “democracy” in Iraq, and for a long time, it indeed saw mob rule.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Brigham Young University in Provo.  My last sojourns in the area: 1981, 2000.

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