Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Washington DC schools: Michelle Rhee's accounting "discovery": do fired teachers get their jobs back?

Well, there’s a real flap again about Washington DC school system chancellor Michelle Rhee. She now says she found a budget surplus, early in 2010. As a result of this accounting adjustment, it seems that the shortfall that led to the layoff of 200+ teachers in October was in error.

Will the teachers get their jobs back? Especially the one about to give a lesson on purple potatoes on a Monday morning?

Of course, we know that what Michelle said about the laid-off teachers was not complementary.

Read the blog entry by Valerie Struass, “The Answer Sheet: A School Survival Guide for Parents (and Everyone Else), link here.
Imagine the discipline problems I would encountered as a sub in the DC schools. I was spoiled. Not an authority figure, not a male role model, it seems.

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