Thursday, May 06, 2010

Pew Research Institute issues reports on "the New Demography of American Motherhood"

The Pew Research Center has released a report “The New Demography of American Motherhood”, by Gretchen Livingston and D’Vera Cohn, with primary link here.

The study shows that US new mothers are older than they were in 1990, and now 41% are unmarried. A particularly interesting finding is “White women made up 53% of mothers of newborns in 2008, down from 65% in 1990. The share of births to Hispanic women has grown dramatically, to one-in-four..” Pew also has some explanations of the trends. 47%, when asked why they had the first child, said, “it just happened”.

The full PDF is here.

The survey questions on p 29 as to what is “good for society” are provocative.

This is not exactly the “demographic winter” of the Right, but it does deserve attention.

Update: June 28

AP has a story on increase in childlessness in the US at New Channel 5, June 25, by Hope Yen.  Improved career opportunities are leading to delayed childbirth and perhaps to a disconnect between the satisfaction of marriage and children. Link here.

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