Monday, June 14, 2010

Florida Christian school asks pregnant teacher about morality, and when she tells, it fires her; woman fired from Citibank for being too "attractive"

A fourth grade teacher at the Southland Christian School in Florida was fired for violating the school’s “Christian morality standards” after she applied for maternity leave, and was asked if the child had been conceived before marriage and truthfully answered yes. Jarretta Hamilton appeared on the Today Show on Monday June 14 with her husband and baby daughter and lawyer, who said that private employers with more than 50 employees are held to federal non-discrimination standards (pregnancy?) and that teachers are not included in the ministerial exception for church-owned employers.

The Examiner has a story dated June 12 about the incident here

The lawyer said she had never signed a contract agreeing to specific rules about private sexual behavior ("fornication"), and the teacher said that the school publicized the reason for her firing.

This does sound like "asking and telling."

Can private schools do what they want when it comes to “private sexual morality” if they take no government funds? Is this like the Boy Scouts?

It sounds like this school would have behaved like Cracker Barrel a number of years ago with gay teachers.

Picture (unrelated): football field at new Washington-Lee High School, Arlington VA, where I graduated in 1961.

Here's another curious story about private employment on NBC Today: A woman (Debrahlee Lorenzana) was fired from Citibank for "being too attractive".  The firing happened in summer 2008 before the financial crisis. She said she was pulled aside by HR and told how to dress because she attracted too much attention.

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