Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is the "nuclear option" for sealing or relieving Gulf oil spill as good as anything?

Could BP of the IS military really use a small tactical nuclear weapon to stop the Deepwriter Horizon oil leak? Well, the “Mad Hedge Fund Transfer” seems to think so, with a June 4 article here. I never knew that underground tests in Nevada had leaked some radiation that killed two ranchers back in the 50s or 60s, probably leading to a Roswell-style coverup. The article says that we face a “Katrina v. Chernobyl” environmental catastrophe anyway. The administration has been nixing this idea, according to a New York Times article by William J. Broad on June 4 (“Nuclear option on oil spill? No way, U.S. says”, link here.

MSNBC has an article today (June 13) discussing the perils of digging relief wells, here.

RussiaToday has a YouTube video on the nuke option, which was first used in 1963 on a Siberian gas well that had exploded and burned for three years.

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