Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Judge blocks oil drilling moratorium, but probably will have little effect

As widely reported by now, federal judge Martin L. C. Feldman issued a ruling blocking the Obama administration’s six-month moratorium on off-shore drilling, and the administration plans both to appeal his ruling and to issue a new ruling giving more details as to the reasons for the ban.

The judge used various metaphors in his ruling, including a comparison to banning air travel for everyone because sometimes airliners crash, or even banning all automobile driving. One could think of relevant metaphors with Internet usage.

On Sunday, Fareed Zakaria told his audience on his CNN discussion show that he believes that right now America needs to drill, and should not regard oil companies as enemies.

However, the media has reported that oil well containment capping devices, shutoff valves or concentrators intended to prevent blowouts or blowbacks may be inadequate on close to half of all underwater rigs for all oil companies. I guess Anderson Cooper will “keep ‘em honest.”  Here is ExxonMobil's corporate blog entry "Drilling Differently" from June 18, 2010, just before the judge's ruling (link).

The New York Times story by Charlies Savage is here.

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