Friday, June 11, 2010

Maryland court rules that state cannot prohibit charging for fortuntelling services

Maryland’s state supreme court ruled on Thursday June 10 that the state cannot prohibit people from charging or making a living from fortunetelling, according to a Washington Post Metro story on June 11, here.

The court wrote in a 24-page opinion “Fortunetelling may be pure entertainment, it may give individuals some insight into the future or it may be hokum…People who purchase fortunetelling services may or may not believe in its value. Fortunetellers may sometimes deceive their customers. We need not, however, pass judgment on the validity or the value of the speech that fortunetelling entails.”

The plaintiff was a self-described gypsy Nick Nefedro, who had practiced his profession in Florida and California, and tried Bethesda, MD. But he found out that Montgomery County MD would not give him a business license.

This certainly sounds like a libertarian issue.

When I lived in Minneapolis, I paid $15 for a fortune telling at a block party on Hennepin Ave. The fortune teller, a woman, told me that a particular male “boy friend” had been a female and spouse in a past life near the beginning of the 20th Century. (But as for polarities, I was the owner of “the eternal feminine.”)

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