Friday, July 30, 2010

Arizona should secede, according to some conservatives!

So, he we go “whee” with some playground silliness: on its Commentary Page today, July 30, the Washington Times offers an op-ed by Jeffrey Kuhner, “Sould Arizona secede? Choice between devolution and dissolution may be inevitable,” link here.

Kuhner recommends that “the people of Arizona should engage in peaceful civil disobedience” and claims that national government judicial activism is imposing unrelated items like abortion and a homosexual agenda on the majority. Therefore, “In the future, many states - including Arizona - may decide they have no other option but to break away from the union. The choice is becoming starkly apparent: devolution or dissolution.”

I thought that’s what the War Between the States, in the “East”, had been about. The Union won.

In the meantime, we hear the ridiculous calls to boycott the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Washington Nationals travel to war-torn Phoenix next week to play them, and the Nats are due for some more road wins soon.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Arizona Meteor Crater

Update: Aug. 2

Georgia congressman Nathan Deal wants to gut the 14th Amendment, according to a story on Alternet by David Ostendorf, title "Georgia Rep Wants to Gut the 14th Amendment: The bill rekindles the fervor for dismantling a cornerstone of rights won by African Americans in the post-Civil War eralink here", link here. The Govtrack link fro HR 1868 "The Birthrigh Citizenship Act of 2009" is here.

Anderson Cooper discussed this proposal on AC360 on CNN on Monday Aug. 2.

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