Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mountaintop removal battle in W Va continues, as Obama admin threatens to curtail new mine; BP leak capped for now

Erik Eckholm has a story in the New York Times on Thursday July 15 about the Obama EPA’s “threat” to scale back the plans for mountaintop removal mining at a project named “Spruce 1” in southern West Virginia, above a little valley called Pigeonroost Hollow.

The government does not have specific data on the output of mountaintop mines, but it may account for 10% of the country’s coal output and 5% of its electricity. The role is much larger in Kentucky and West Virginia.

The coal industry still maintains that scaling back mountaintop removal will cause job losses. Spruce 1 would apparently be the largest mountaintop mine in the nation.

The link for the story is here.

Update: later Thursday

So on BP Deepwater Horizon we see the end of the beginning, as the blowout is capped, at least for a while, for the first time in 87 days. It's ironic to happen on the same days as the stripmining story.

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