Sunday, July 18, 2010

President Obama hits the renewal of extended unemployment benefits issue hard

I don’t embed the President’s addresses every day (they can look a bit Orwellian), but Saturday’s is critical. The President takes on Republican Senators who compare extended unemployment benefits to “welfare” and who claim that it discourages taking grunt work.  (The text link is here.)

The president also talks about public policy and small business.

I know that conservatives have complained about the appointment of Donald Berwick to head CMS, and the metaphors about end-of-life health care rationing, with allusions to the British National Health System.

Visitors should look at Michael Luo’s New York Times piece on p 13, “For long-term unemployed, a shaky safety net”, here.

Update: July 23

The Senate and House have passed the 99-week extended unemployment bill and the president signed it. Here is a story at "Associated Content" on "When Will the Unemployment Extension 2010 Money Be Available and What About Retro Pay?" by Roz Zurko, link.

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