Saturday, August 28, 2010

Competing rallies in DC today mark MLK "I have a dream" anniversary

Well, yesterday Ben Bernanke spoke in Wyoming, and reassured everyone he would to what it takes to prevent a Japanese-style deflation, admitting that the recovery is stalling, and staying away from too much negativity. The speech at the Fed site is here.

I’m left wondering if all this comes to a question about all of us living within our means.

Also, yesterday, news media reported a story about a Mississippi school district that had to retract a three decades old DOJ policy that mandated rotating racial mix of student body offices, as unbelieveable as that sounds now (MSN story here; note the embedded PDF document of the school system policy). At the same time, a federal judge had to order another Mississippi school district to end de facto segregation, Reuters link here.

So today I took off, however late, for the Glenn Beck’s Tea Party – sorry, Restoring Honor – rally near the Lincoln Memorial, and Al Sharpton’s competing march, recalling Martin Luther King’s speech this day in 1963. There is plenty of black-and-white footage of that day. I remember that the “new” Washington Senators had baseball postponed two days, and lost a doubleheader to the Minnesota Twins, 14-2 and 10-1, the following Thursday (the Senators finished 56-106 in 1963, their worst year). That was a difficult time in my own life, at age 20.

As for Beck, yup, you can’t expect your government to behave honorably if you don’t behave honorably yourself. He also spoke about "patriotism", respect for the miltiary, and reported alluded gently to family values. The Honro and patriotism matter was a theme of former midshipman Joseph Steffan’s “Honor Bound’ (1992). 

As for the Beck rally, the crowds returning to the Metro stops were overwhelming, but one look told a lot. A lot of them were lean and fit enough to be in the heat for hours, just like to be on a disco floor. They’re not the sort to use socialized health insurance much. The Beck side of things sounded, from what I personally saw, less “moralistic” that Sharpton’s. I saw no posters about abortion or gay marriage or “polarizing” social issues. The Beck rally was supposed to be non-partisan and more about "responsibility" and accountability than politics per se. OK. Beck did get into "God". Other reporters discuss Sarah Palin's speeches.

YouTube from The Daily Beck

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