Monday, August 02, 2010

On national defitics and debt: "What 'THEY' just aren't telling us"

Imagine if the Earth’s orbit were slowing decaying into the Sun (causing global warming) and “they” just didn’t tell us!

Fiscally, the New York Times ran an editorial Sunday about the US debt crisis, “What they’re not telling you”, link here. (There are shades of The Washington Times here.)

Didn’t anyone tell the Times that “There is no ‘They’”? “They” is “we”!  (Back around 1960 at college freshman hazing sessions, "they" shaved the boys' legs.  Okay, there is a horror movie called "Them"!)

Bill Clinton (one of our most fiscally responsible presidents, however “Republicrat”) left us a budget surplus, but the actuarial mathematics of entitlements, plus two Bushie wars, plus the Bush tax cuts, they say, put us in the hole.

So, he we go, stopping “kicking the can down the road.” Entitlement reform? Maybe even means testing, sooner than is thinkable? Or maybe a value added tax, just like in Europe?

Rescinding Bush tax cuts just on the wealthy won’t make that much difference, they say. Ordinary citizens and what they “need” become the problem.

Conservatives will want a world where you take care of your own. (Bill Clinton does know how to take care of his daughter’s wedding.)

Picture: Raindrops make for some nice accidental artwork, Warhol style.

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