Friday, August 06, 2010

Saw lots of new windmills in Allegheny mountains in central PA

Today, after visiting the Flight 93 National Memorial (the Kecksburg 1965 “UFO crash site” is also nearby), I noticed lots of rows of windmills on top of the Allegheny Mountain Ridge in south central Pennsylvania. They seem to have been built recently. Viewed from the west, they tend to make the Ridge look small (but one is up on top of a plateau there). They look a bit like the falling towers from Stephen King’s “The Langoliers”.  I presume landowners get a royalty and sell power.

But it’s good to see some rapid progress on renewable energy production.

I saw one small instance of strip mining off US 219 near Mt. Davis (no picture).
If anyone wants to see the power of mountain removal, even for highway construction, look at the Sidling Hill cut on I-68 west of Hancock, MD.  I'd rather have seen a tunnel.

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