Saturday, August 07, 2010

Special education teachers from Philippines may be scammed; KIPP results in DC challenged

A class action suit alleges that many Filipino teachers recruited to teach in the United States, especially special education, were manipulated into indentured servitude, with massive fee payments resulting in debt, according to a USA Today story by Mike Hasten of Gannett, Thursday Aug. 5, link here. The suit specifically deals with teachers in Louisiana.

According to the story, two companies named in the suit include Universal Placement International (UPI), based in Los Angeles, and a related company, PARS International Placement Agency of Manila..

Many teachers were expected to send money to family back home.

Around the country, many of the special education jobs were relatively hard to fill two or three years ago, although the budget crisis and teacher layoffs may have changed things. School districts were unaware of the “job placement” fees being charged to teachers.

The story was covered on Anderson Cooper’s AC360 on CNN late Friday night. The video clip is called “Migrant teachers claim scam”.

The Washington Post has another important education story today (Saturday Aug. 7), by Bill Turque, “Reading and Math Scores fall sharply at two KIPP schools in the District”, link here.  The KIPP falloff occurred in elementary grades. KIPP places extreme demands on teachers. But the general population, especially middle schools, in the District has a way to go, despite Michelle Rhee’s “cleaning house”. Her latest wave of teacher layoffs are still in dispute with the unions and as to what exactly will happen this fall.


Anonymous said...

Louisiana Filipino Teachers (EBR-East Baton Rouge Parish School) H1-VISA, temporary working visas. On top of intent to extort monetary compensation from their school, many of these H1-VISA teachers filed for relief from the HURRICANE KATRINA knowingly that they were not affected. Their recruiter ask the teachers to return and compensation from the relief center because its immoral to take something that is from tax-payer's dollars which should only go to citizens who really need it. Most of them refuse to return the relief fund. The school had noted this action from the H1-visa teachers. What more do they want? They need more money by filing a class action suit against their school. They are supported heavily by the union (AFT/LFT) because they have a VEST INTEREST. The complain last October 2009 from the teachers, AFT/LFT and their lawyers to different government did not bear any evidence or truth in their claim. That's why nothing happen to their recruiters, school board members, etc. etc. The trial in the LWC (Louisiana Worforce Commission) was even eye-opening because they H1-VISA teachers on the stand got caught perjuring themselves by lying to the defense attorney. They said they were hungry from the travel and the airlines didn't give them enough food? That is also noted. What more would they do to extort monetary compensation from our tax-dollars? They are asking for PITY for being recruited from the Philippines because an average teacher in the Philippines only makes around $200 dollars a month while now in (EBR) they make close to $6000 DOLLARS not including paid vacation, free medical, free dental, free vision, paid seminars, bonuses, etc. etc. hence, they make close to $85,000 a year with benefits. Now they want a complete refund for their travel, legal fees, and recruiter fees. These H1-visa teachers have their own group (FEF) Filipino Educator Federation of Louisiana. The names are the board members of these group MAIRI NUNEG-TANEDO, INGRID CRUZ, ROLANDO PASCUAL, DONNABEL ESCUADRA, TOMASA MARI, JAVE PAJUELAS, IAN CAINGLET. Make sure if you have a position in any school system in Louisiana is to watch out for these teachers who LOVES TO FILE LAWSUIT to extract monetary compensation from their employers. BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous..Whoever you are, shame on you!! These persons are the ones employers must hire. Why? MAIRI NUNEG-TANEDO, INGRID CRUZ, ROLANDO PASCUAL, DONNABEL ESCUADRA, TOMASA MARI, JAVE PAJUELAS, IAN CAINGLET stood for justice and truth more than what money can offer. They could opt to live in silence for their personal gains,anyway, one day they can pay off the debts that the placement agency have taken from their pockets. Going out to the open and be identified is a sign of valor and commitment in keeping the highest social morality which is guarding justice from the oppressive, greedy and corrupt individuals. If we lose this kind of spirit among us, human rights and justice is dead. American Constitution is in vain.

You are but a noisy gong. Who knows nothing but self-centeredness and greediness like those whom you have defended in your arguments.What is immoral in rendering service to the American children? Filipino teachers worked for what they earned.Who has the burden of proof? Let the American justice rule before you judge these people. For always, the truth and goodness will prevail over evil. May the supreme being bless you heart.