Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As for excessive time online, academic researcher says, really, "The kids are all right"

As for time online and computer use, a Metro section headline of the Washington Post today (Sept. 15) says “The Kids Are All Right” as far as time spent online goes. The online story, by Donna St. George, is “U-Md. Researcher links kids’ computer use with test scores, behavior”, link here.

As far as how much time tweens spend on computers, “Worry Not” the researchers say.

I must add, I’ve seen 11 year old (sixth graders) who can get Microsoft XP systems to boot again after they go down on Bue Screens. In fact, some kids (particularly in areas requiring mathematical skills, including music aptitude) do seem to have the ability to accomplish great things once they are focused on them. Look at how Facebook and Napster got invented (however controversial they are or were).

After all, computer use does involve analytic and communications skills – even if chat room talk is not “standard English”.

We can get into a debate about what kids need to learn. One thing is how to see things in context – academically, you get that from English and social studies, the old fashioned way. That’s also called “seeing around corners”.

The other issue is familial and “first world” social bonds “for their own sake”, as I hinted at on my “BillBoushka” blog entry today.

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