Saturday, September 11, 2010

School districts are quick to suspend students when they suspect drug use, sometimes incorrectly

The Byron Nelson high school in Trophy Club,Texas (north of Fort Worth) was involved in an unfortunate incident. A 16 year old male student showed up in school “red eyed” after the violent death of his father, and the school suspected him of marijuana use, suspended him and then sent him to an alternative school. His mother had his doctor test him for drugs, and when the tests came back negative, the school district allowed the student back to school but wouldn’t remove the suspension from his record.

The school district says it does not test students but must remove them and turn them over to parents if it suspects drug use, even when the suspicion is unfounded. But apparently they don't always expunge disciplinary records when allegations are incorrect.

Fox 4 News in Dallas-Fort Worth has the following story by Sophia Reza, link here.

MSNBC has the following video:

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