Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Young women seem to benefit economically from delaying marriage, children (several USA Today stories)

Paul Wiseman has a USA Today story today (Sept 29) indicating that young single and childless women make more than young single men in many cities, although married men still make more money than women (not surprising to anyone who read George Gilder’s book “Men and Marriage” in the 1980s). The link is here.

More single women have college educations than single men, which is one reason for higher earnings. The disparity was higher in cities like Atlanta with large minority populations, where female achievement in school relative to boys is marked.

On June 22, Sharon Jayson had reported in USA Today that young adults were not rushing into marriage even though dating for a long time. Wariness about economic future is certainly one reason, as is the fact that having children is very expensive.

Some of the data for these reports come from various now-published Census data.

The "American Chronicle" has a "Jonathan Swift" article, "Impotence in Male Achievers Will End Earth", by John W. Sammon, April 13, 2008, link here.  Yes, the piece is strident (humorously so), but it has a point. A technological society offers introverted people other kinds of competitive opportunities.

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