Monday, October 04, 2010

"Career Switch" to teaching has its dangerous moments; criticisms of Rhee link back to home rule issues (NYTimes Mag)

On the Monday morning after "Waiting for Superman" started in some cities, AOLTV and AE have an episode where a Mr. Tony Danza starts his “career switch” as a teacher at about age 60, and sweats through his first day of class as a high school English teacher (literally, you can see it on the back of his dress shirt). You can see his first homework assignment on the board. An administrator warns him that if he isn’t a fit for the job he’s “out of here”. The TV squad story is by Oliver Miller, link here.

Check out also the New York Times Magazine story, p 11, Oct. 3, "The Way We Live": "Is Michelle Rhee’s Revolution Over? When people rebel against education reform", by Judith Warner, link here.  The article describes Fenty's primary loss, and people's askance at Rhee's impetuosity, in firing and sometime viffifying some teachers, and links all this to DC's past political and lack of home rule.  Also, I am one of the local bloggers Warner seems to refer to, but as a whole, I've supported Rhee.  The schools needed to be cleaned up.  Even the liberals admit it.

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