Thursday, October 14, 2010

Michelle Rhee appears on GMA , explains her resignation her future

Michelle Rhee appeared on ABC Good Morning America this morning and discussed her plans in California. She took the step of putting her resignation statement on her own website, here.  (Note: on my "BillBoushka" blog I have discussed the possible legal controversy of people with direct reports in the workplace operating their own web sites or blogs without pre-publication review.)

She says she made every decision while in the office in the best interest of kids.  “Maintaining the status quo is not going to work for this country.”

She said that the most important thing for schools to improve is for parents to get involved.  

Even though she has a fiancee about her age, I'm struck by how much her personality reminds me of Facebok founder Mark Zuckerberg.  Neither cares about what people think of them!  They are two of a kind and of te same ilk. And note that "Waiting for Superman" and "The Social Network" are in schools at the same time!

Picture: My own Washington-Lee, Arlington VA. Inauguration Day 1961.  Then it was one of the top ten public schools in the nation.

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