Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DC voting rights have little chance in GOP-controlled House in 2011

Ben Pershing has an important article leading off the Metro section of the Washington Post on Monday, Nov. 28, “For F.C., voting rights window appears closed; Chance of passage at ‘zero’ in next Congress after GOP takeover of House,” link here. Even with Democrat control, the House could not pass a bill that would give one house seat to the District of Columbia and one more (probably GOP) to Utah. Since Utah, according to the 2010 Census, is very close to qualifying for the seat, it has little reason to remain a bedfellow or “bunkmate” of the District.

Another plan could be retrocession to the state of Maryland, which would take several years are encounter obvious obstacles in the managing of social services. But in other countries capital cities are in the states that surround them, such as Ottawa, Ontario (but not Mexico City). Do Mexico DF residents have full voting rights?

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