Monday, November 01, 2010

GOP should not be complacent about tomorrow's midterm

Liz Sidon has an AP analysis of tomorrow’s election (on MSNBC), as to why the GOP came back so strong. After all, didn’t the Bushies prevail over the financial meltdown of 2008 and the sins that led to it? National short term memories seem weak. The link is here.

It seems that it’s about jobs, stupid. But even that is structural. We’re competing with lower wages around the world and have lived beyond our means. The Republicrats won’t change that with simplistic ideology. Nor will the Tea Party.

Maybe the GOP is already complacent. Look at the turnout at Jon Stewart’s rally in Washington Saturday.

Generally, polls have shown that Republicans are more likely to turn out for the midterm exam than Democrats, a major reason why the GOP is expected to retake the House.
Fareed Zakaria wants the US to implement an “innovation” tax, rather like a European VAT.

The Washington Post has a provocative story by Ylan Q. Mui and Jia Lynn Yang, “Companies may have to make amends after midterm elections” Republicans to companies that played with Obama money, “We won’t forget”, link here.  Well, some of the Tarp money was Republican, unless you believe Henry Paulson was really a Democrat.

I get ribbed by a conservative friend for getting an Obama car loan and buying my car with Tarp – but it is a Ford Focus, and Ford took no bailout money.

I remember a math professor at the University of Kansas in 1966 who announced, “your grade will consist of a mid term and a final exam”. He even gave the final on a Sunday, for his own convenience. I got a B.

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