Friday, November 12, 2010

New report from urban schools coalition on underachievement of black males in urban public schools

Mara Gay has a lead story on AOL today, “Report on Black Male Achievement Gap Spurs Call for Action”, link here.  That’s a report from the Council of Great City Schools, “New Report on Black Male Achievement in America Reveals ‘National Catastrophe’: Urban Group Calls for White House Initiative”, link here. The Report singles out high unemployment or underemployment of parents in black households as a major reason. However the report also focused on poor schools and unaccountable teachers.

The Council is a coalition represent the nation’s urban public schools.

I remember that in Dallas, people would move to north Dallas (within the expanded city limits) to be in the “Richardson School District”, which, in the 80s at least, made home prices higher.

Wikipedia attribution link for North Dallas picture (jn that school district!)

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