Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA waffles regularly on new screening, pat-down rules, makes them random; John Tyner gives comedy interview

Here’s a quizzical, perhaps “Comedy Central” interview of John Tyner by ABC News. Tyner had just started to blog a month ago, getting 250 hits a day, and now gets hundreds of thousands.

Seriously, the TSA now says it will randomly pick passengers who have to go through the new machines. Pilots no longer have to, but flight attendants do. But the rules change every day.

Furthermore, AC360 now reports that the new machines can’t detect a relatively large soft mass pasted onto someone’s chest without any sharp edges. What is the TSA going to do, ask to see dirty dancing as part of the screening?

Charles Krauthammer has said we have to stop being politically correct and squeamish on profiling; other countries, even Israel, haven't made the mess of this that we have.

The public objects much more to the pat-downs than to the machine screening.

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