Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dr. Ox on cell phone dangers: Erin Brokovich's chromium comes back; Moon

A couple more “public health” issues came up in the past couple of days. Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah’s friend, has been talking ambiguously about cell phone hazards, and here is his basic article on the subject from Oprah’s Magazine from February 2010, link.

He was a little concerned about the micro radiation getting into hip bone marrow, and possibly heating the brain, particularly in children. It seems very unlikely. Doctor’s have become less concerned about microwaves and heart pacemakers and the like than in the past. One tip is that a poor signal may present more “risk” than a strong one, because it takes more power to carry it (probably from a more distant tower).

The other news concerns finding Hexavalnet Chromium in drinking water, the topic of the 2000 Fox film “Erin Brokovich”, in Hinkley, CA. Now it seems it has been found in the drinking tap water in 31 out of 35 US cities. Travis Walter Donovan has a typical story in the Huffington Post, link. Norman OK and Honolulu were the worst offenders; Washington DC was way down the pack.

Wikipedia attribution link for Lunar Eclipse at 2010 Winter Solstice today.  Sorry, I didn’t wake up for it.

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