Wednesday, December 08, 2010

NYC trying to give "make work" to suspended teachers; Michell Rhee founds "Students First"; American students falling behind

Sharon Otterman has a story in the New York Times today narrating NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s effort to get rid of “rubber rooms” for defrocked public school teachers, “New York Teachers Still In Idle Limbo”, link here

Now the City is assigning teachers to make-work administrative jobs, sometimes measuring sizes of buildings, in various schools. A few work in truancy centers (that takes people skills), but some say they have been told to sit in their cubicles for the entire 6 hours and 50 minutes and not get up and walk around.

A few have genuine administrative jobs but only non-functioning work computers.

In another education matter, departing (and controversial) DC School System Chancellor Michelle Rhee has established “Students First”, with link here. You have to sign up for the email list to see the content. Under the “for everyone else” page there is an article “International study finds U.S. students far behind those in other countries” (posted by Rhee herself), especially Singapore, South Korea (which has a boot camp for Internet addiction!) and Finland, link here. Finland is especially well known for the quality of its teachers.

I still say, Michelle Rhee and Mark Zuckerberg are psychologically very much alike!  Neither cares what others think!

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