Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ohio school district prosecutes,"makes example" of poor mom lying on residency to get her kids into their schools

A mom in Akron, Ohio, Kelley Williams-Bolar, was prosecuted for lying on a school district residency form to get her kids into a better school system. The story (Andrea Canning and Lezeel  Tanglao) on ABC Good Morning America is here.

Another oddity is that she could have sent them there by paying “tuition”.

In Dallas, people would pay more for homes in “far North Dallas” in order to get their kids into the Richardson School District (rather than the DISD).  I noticed this in the 1980s living there; people would move farther away in order to get kids into “better” (and possibly more de-facto-segregated) school districts, drawing employers away from downtown and Oak Lawn into the Richardson and Plano areas. 

Picture: Kipton, Ohio (near Oberlin), 50 miles NW of Akron

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