Monday, January 17, 2011

Pentagon makes bizarre repayment demand from certain military veteran widows who remarry

The  Pentagon has been demanded repayment of certain benefits to widows of military spouses if they get married again. That sounds like an affront to “family values”.

CNN covered the case of Freda Green in Brookville, FL. The military demanded money back ($41000) after she remarried. The money was a refund of insurance payments, because she supposedly started getting a second benefit after she remarried. Up to 57000 widows are being chased to repay, according to the story. Florida Senator Ben Nelson says fixing the problem will cost $600 million but veterans’ spouses should be respected.

CNN is also reporting on a Pentagon commission on diversity which says that women should be allowed to be deployed fully in combat.  That’s almost true now, as recently women have been able to serve in submarines in limited circumstances.  The commission had also supported repealing “don’t ask don’t tell”.

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