Thursday, February 10, 2011

DC School system starting to bring back teachers fired by Michelle Rhee

It looks like some DC teachers fired by Michelle Rhee during her three year “reign of terror” may get their jobs back, and back pay. It may less clear with some dismissed during the “budget crisis” of October 2009, which turned out to be overstated.

But Rhee dismissed underperforming teachers, even if there is some controversy now over the “value added” schemes for assessing teachers.  And,  unlike the situation in New York City, there was no “rubber room.”

I rather think that Rhee gave the DC School System the shock treatment it needed.  But her policies, and the publicity she generated, may have scared away some people from entering teaching.  That may not be a good thing.  Or are we crafting a world where every adult should be able to step up as a “role model”?

Rhee, it is said, was someone who cared little about the opinions of others. Rather like Dagney Taggart. 

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