Sunday, March 27, 2011

Metro apparently nixes idea to stop night-owl weekend service; my own late Saturday night journey; studies of entry-exit ratios per station published

The Washington Post, in a story about the money and maintenance problems of the 35-year-old Metro, reported incidentally today (March 27) that plans to curtail weekend night owl service have been curtailed, thankfully. Here’s the article.

There was a study of Metro station entry and exit ratios during night own service back in February, reported here

Saturday night, I used Metro, two trips in each direction. There was a moderate crowd on the Orange Line as I left Ballstron for Metro Center about 6:30 PM.  After a movie at Landmark E-Street (“I Am”) I walked to the Verizon Center and Gallery Place, where people were getting out of the Circus. It was a pretty crowded train on the Green Line at 10 PM, and I got off at U-Street to go to the Town DC. 

At 1: 15 AM I left (alone!), and rode an almost empty train back on the Green Line to L’Enfant Plaza.  There I caught a Blue train which was again almost deserted.  I changed at Rosslyn for the Orange Line, and found the train crowded in the middle cars.  The total wait on the Orange Line for my needed Orange train was 18 minutes, and it took me a total of 90 minutes to get home, including walking around the horn to get into the Ballston Parking Garage, the front entrance of which closes at midnight weekends.  I barely beat the 1-inch snowfall.  

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