Sunday, April 03, 2011

"Details" presents the case for childlessness; "No Kidding"

Take a look at the article in the April 2011 “Details” by Brian Frazier, “The No-Baby Boom”, p. 123, link here

There are all sorts of cute graphics:  of about 58 million married couples in the US, 27 million are childless.
There are the Eight Points, or 8 Signs you should remain childless, of which one is “independence”, and another is “control over life circumstances”. Another amusing chart is his “uncle vs. dad” comparison.

He mentions the group “No Kidding”, link here. It used to be called "The Child Free Network," also. 

Brian also charts the paradoxical issues of the “gay parent trap.”

I won’t belabor what the other side (the "Demographic Winter" crowd) can say here. Just imagine.

I was nearly published in "Details" back in 1998 after my first book came out.  It turned out that the magazine was just too "hetero".  It doesn't look it.  

Update: April 8:

On "Who wants to be a millionaire?" a contestant punted on the number of children per female it takes to maintain population. It's 2.1.  I guess he hasn't read the "Natural Family Manifesto".  Not too many people have. 

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