Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Facebook townhall on the deficit/national debt is live now

Okay, you can watch Facebook Live with the President celebrating his session, taking questions (read by Mark Zuckerberg, in a tie this time with rolled-up sleeves) from the audience, in a towhall on how this country will live within its means.

Zuckerberg asked, "What do you think we should cut, and what do you think we can cut, to make the numbers add up?"  Obama was not very specific as to details. 

Tax the rich?  No, Mark doesn’t need a Bush tax cut. The president doesn’t need a tax cut. Michelle doesn’t need a tax cut (even if her likeness is a character in NBC’s “The Event”).  Jason Ritter probably doesn’t need one.  (His fictitious character Sean Walker sure needs one.) Do I need one?

In fact, the president said to Mark that (like the president himself) Mark doesn't need a tax cut and that his taxes should be raised, and Mark said, offstage, "I'm OK with that."

The question is a moral one, what is to be expected of everyone.  Back when I was growing up, we knew how to ask those kinds of questions.  That’s ultimately one of the reasons why “don’t ask don’t tell” became a wedge issue for me.

But thanks to Rep. Paul Ryan for “calling the question” on entitlements.  Or did he really do that?

A tea-party friend of mine is always saying that Silicon Valley has become the new heart of the Democratic Party.  It seems that the Democrats (and their "Blue Families") are the rich ones!  After all, Wall Street is largely Democratic. 

 Randi Zuckerberg called this Town Hall "The Event".  I wonder if Sofia is going to appear.   

Don't ever forget: without Facebook and other social networking and connectivity companies, the revolution in the Middle East wouldn't have kicked off.  Is Mark "President of the World" then?

The music for The Event is stirring. It sounds like an SLDN national dinner. 

Latest Facebook Live embed:

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Update: Midnight (which is the title of a Dean Koontz novel!):

The Facebook Live chat isn't running now;  maybe it resumes tomorrow  (I just found the recording of it and put it above); in the mean time, amuse yourselves with this YouTube video: Who has more "power"?  Zuckerberg, or Obama?  (They call Bill Clinton "President of the World".  They've forgotten "W.").

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