Saturday, April 09, 2011

The GOP budget and "survival of the fittest"; how about a "free market cultural revolution"?

Colbert I. King has an op-ed on p. A15 of the Saturday April 9, “GOP to have-nots: tough luck”. Online, he calls the column “A survival-of-the-fittest budget”, link here.
This is not “Darwinian”; it’s more like Herbert Spencer (ask this on “It’s Academic”, please).

King gives Paul Ryan credit for recognizing that some baby-boomers will live high on the hog with entitlements, and that (plus defense) is really the big place to cut – and that’s led to my discussion of means testing on my Retirement Blog and an admission that even Social Security, however set up to look like an earned retirement annuity, is at least in some measure “welfare”.

But the nearer term cuts, so much a matter of contention during the repeated threatened shutdowns (and I’m still not sure it’s over), are really about things that mathematically make little difference to the budget, but mean everything to a certain kind of right-wing ideology.

What the GOP seems to want is a "free market cultural revolution".  Everyone takes his turn at menial labor, everyone pays his dues. Except the hereditarily rich. 

For those who are interested, here is the text of the President’s address last night. 

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