Friday, April 01, 2011

GOP still threatens DC Metro system

A Washington Post editorial Friday morning April Fools Day (hint: the Nationals lost their home opener March 31) warns of major service disruptions and safety problems (like recent accidents and tragedies) if the GOP insists on gutting funding for Metro. The link is (wesbite url) here.  The Metro section has a supporting story.

The Post points out that nearly every other major country (especially China) invests in transit systems, even more imperative in a time of global warming and fossil fuel shortages.  At the same time, the DC government is trying to award residents with free Smart Card trips for agreeing not to commute by work along some routes like New York Avenue.

Oddly, night owl service on weekends is no longer on the chopping block, despite GOP notions that nighttime Metro service mainly meets the needs of sinners.

All this happens while I replace a mountain bike that got busted some years back in a household move.  Arlington and DC are pretty good about bicycle lanes. 

 And I think about another incident Sunday morning. A motorcycle ran a light on me near Dupont Circle, as I “drove” to Church.  My peripheral vision picked him up just in a nick of time. And my light really was green, and there was a camera there.  Cyclists and motorbikers have to obey the same laws drivers do. He will get a photo ticket. 

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