Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TSA has it's list of how it "behavior profiles"; AOL/CNN warn of things "never to do"

CNN, with reporter Jeanne Meserve, has a story on specific behaviors that TSA considers suspicious at airports. AOL and CNN turned this into a list of "don'ts" at the airport. 

It seems that complaining about the government, or about waiting or security screening is one of them. All this played out last year with the “junk” slogan, but it has not been forgotten. 

I actually considered becoming a screener back in 2002; I’m glad I didn’t.  They really wanted to hire people, too.

It’s hard out here for someone expected to travel for business – unless he’s a VIP.   Andersoon Cooper tweeted this morning about packing lightly to fly to London for the royal wedding – and celebration of the “meaning of (heterosexual) marriage.”

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