Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New study from South Korea shows much higher incidence of "autism spectrum disorders" than previously thought

The media has reported on a major study in South Korea that, with mathematical modeling, suggests that the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder is as high as 1 in 38, not just one in 110, as the US CDC has reported.

Dr. Young Shin Kim at Yale discussed the study in a CNN video.  Students in special education programs or other disability-related programs were now usually shown to have symptoms of autism or some form of Asperger’s. 

However, viewing Asperger’s as an autism spectrum disorder seems questionable in the “mildest” cases, where there may be apparent extreme introversion but no loss of cognitive ability (sometimes actual cognitive gifts).   This may be more reflective of a societal demand that everyone “join in” and participate in some common social interests.

Autism spectrum disorder, as defined, still affects males several times as often as females. 

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