Sunday, May 22, 2011

Will fibbies, states impose a mileage tax as well as gas tax?

On Sunday morning, May 21, CNN reported that there exist preliminary proposals in Congress and some state legislatures for a mileage tax, as more cars switch to hybrid or even all electric.  Gas tax revenues would eventually plummet. 

It could be enforced with odometer readings at state inspections (they are no foolproof) or by requiring motorists to have Expass transponders.

Do you want the government to know how much and where you’re driving? A new privacy issue, it seems.

It’s true, it encourages more car pooling and slug lines.

But what about jobs that require use of a car for work?  Would these be added into the tax?

What about car rental mileage?  Does this get added into your own tax, or the rental company's?

No question, there is the “Wyoming issue”, too. 

Here's another thing about Ezpass transponders. It seems like I pay a lot to rent them even if I don't need to use them a lot.  Am I missing something?  I need to use to tunnels and toll roads more.

Picture: Sideling Hill Service Plaza, PA Turnpike.  

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